Meet one of the store owners, Joe! Joe and his wife have three sons and he loves to play basketball! Joe was born in New York, lived in Los Angeles, and finally settled in Alameda.




Stop by and meet one of the store owners, Karson!



Colby has been working at Aquatic Collection for three years. He has been keeping fish tanks since he was ten years old, but got serious about growing coral eight years ago. Colby's favorite coral are mushrooms and he loves wrasses. Not only does Colby know a ton about coral, but he's also a total freshwater expert! Stop by and say "Hi" to Colby this weekend.



Meet Lesley! Lesley has been keeping aquariums for three years. Her favorite fish is the purple tang and her favorite coral is the rock flower anemone. Lesley is majoring in marine biology and goes to San Jose State University. Lesley likes to read and garden during her free time. Stop by and say "Hello!" to Lesley



Ramon is originally from Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish and English. He has owned aquariums for 18 years. Ramon's favorite fish is the Emperor Angel and he loves ALL coral. Ramon used to work as a Sport Fishing Boat Captain and loves watching football (NFL).



Jen is originally from Baltimore and is a visual artist. She has been working at Aquatic Collection for a year and a half. Her favorite fish are triggerfish and pufferfish. Jen is married, has three dogs, two cats, and four fish tanks.



Phelipe has been keeping aquariums for six years and started working at Aquatic Collection four months ago. His favorite freshwater fish are Discus, his favorite saltwater fish is the Achilles Tang, and his favorite coral are Acropora. Phelipe has six dogs at home, he HATES chocolate, and he speaks fluent Portuguese.



Meet Jared! Jared is a college student who loves Go Karts, plants, and science. He even built his own greenhouse! His major is Landscape Horticulture/Botany. Jared owns a pet turtle and tarantula. His favorite fish is the angler, he loves dendros, and sponges. You'll often find Jared cleaning and maintaining the sumps around the store. Be sure to say "Hello" next time you spot him!



Justin has been volunteering at Aquatic Collection for about a year. He recently graduated from high school, enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and he loves to work out. Justin just purchased his first aquarium and is enjoying learning about coral. His favorite fish is the Foxface and his favorite coral is the jawbreaker mushroom. He likes to watch the show Silicon Valley and his favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch. Say "Hello" to Justin when you see him at the store!