Labor Day Weekend Specials!


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New Coral Arrivals


New fish arrivals

Bellus Angel (female)
Watanabe Angel (male and female)
Cortez Angel (juv)
Blue Ring Annularis Angelfish (juv and adult)
Cheveron Tang (juv)
Achilles Tang
Hawaiian Naso Tang
Hawaiian Orange Shoulder Tang
Hawaiian Christmas Wrasse
Flame Angel
Chocolate Tang
Yellow Tile Fish
Purple Tile Fish
Red Stripe Tile Fish
Barnacle Blenny
Golden Puffer (juv)
Blue Dalmatian Puffer (juv)
Stellus Starry Puffer (black and gold form)
Royal Gramma
Solar Wrasse
Pink/Red Margin Wrasse
Naoke Fairy Wrasse
Ruby Cardinal Fish
Banner Fish
Convict Tang
Red Sea Desjardini Sailfin Tang
Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang (3-4”)
Queen Angel (adult)
Passer Angel (adult)
French Angel (adult)
Majestic Angel (adult)
Flame Back Angel
Rock Beauty Angel
Blotchy Borbonius Anthias
Sunburst Anthias (all sizes)

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July 4th Weekend Sale!


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